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Sponsorship & Advertising

Wisła Kraków is one of the most successful football clubs in Poland and also one of the best marketing communication channels in the country. Business collaboration with our Club is an extraordinary way of carrying on promotional and advertising activities, which, in addition, is cheaper and more effective than conventional methods. Cooperation with Wisła Kraków provides you also access to information about club activity, goals achieved and plans for the future. Each and every company can be assured that, thanks to our sponsorship, sport marketing and public relations specialists, launching a marketing campaign through Wisła Kraków communication channels is a perfect investment.    

Facts and figures (12 months)

·         4.6 million supporters in whole Europe

·         30 million people watching Wisła matches on TV

·         650,000 supporters at the stadium

·         29,500 press and Internet publications, including more than 350 articles on the front page of major Polish newspapers

·         67 million page views and 2.2 million users

·         Modern stadium with a capacity of 33,130 spectators

Wisła Kraków is an extraordinary club in Poland, which is a guarantee of effective marketing campaigns.

If you want to know more, please contact us: marketing@wisla.krakow.pl

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