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Wisła Kraków SA Press Office

20 Reymonta Street
30-059 Cracow
e-mail: redakcja@wisla.krakow.pl

Spokeswoman: Karolina Biedrzycka (karolina.biedrzycka@wisla.krakow.pl)

E-media: Accredito.com »



To apply for an accreditation, you need to register on the website accredito.com and select the right event (match).

Deadline for single accreditations is until 12:00 on the last working day before the game. After expiry of this period, the system will be automatically closed. You will be notified about granting or refusing your request via e-mail (e-mail address provided during the registration process) at the latest until 18:00 on the last working day before the game. 

Requests for season accreditations (league and cup games) and accreditations for European competitions games will be admitted via accredito.com within set time limits.


Check where to park, how to get to the media tribune and where the press conference room and media working zone are located.

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Media entrance from 3 Maja Avenue.

Picking up accreditations

Media accreditations are available to be picked up on match day from two hours before kick-off in the white stall at the entrance to the media parking lot. 

Once the match starts, picking up the accreditation is not possible, therefore we kindly ask you to turn up at the stadium in advance. Accreditation is valid only with identity document with photo.

Car park
  In order to enter the media car park, situated on 3 Maja Avenue (take the 2nd turn right, just behind the tram stop), it is required to mark the right option on the registration form on the website accredito.com. Submitting an application is not equivalent to being granted a parking space.

Media tribune

The entrance to the media tribune, located on the west stand, is next to the media area. Seats for the written press are on the 3rd floor, whereas the 4th floor is dedicated to the radio commentators. 

The media tribune has 83 seats equipped with desks and 35 standard seats situated on the 3rd floor and 60 seats with desks for radio commentators on the 4th floor. 

Media working area
  The media working area is on the 3rd floor of the west stand, next to the entrance to the media tribune.

Press conference room
  The press conference room is situated on the 1st floor of the media area building in the corner of the stadium, between the west and the south stand.

Photographers' working area

To get to the photographers’ working area, you need to go through the media area building and then directly to the field. Only photographers and TV representatives with valid accreditations are authorised to enter the field.

Rules for photographers and TV representatives:

  • walking along the coach benches (along the west stand) is possible only before kick off. In the half-time and after the match, in order to get to the other side of the stadium you need to go along the east stand;
  • during the game, photographers and TV representatives without broadcast rights are allowed to stay exclusively behind the goal lines. It is prohibited to stay behind the touchlines. 
  • during the game it is not allowed to change sides.
  • at no moment and under no circumstances can photographers and TV representatives enter the pitch.

Mixed zone

The mixed zone, where post-match interviews can be done, is on the -1 level of the west stand. To get there, you should use the staircase for media that goes to the media tribune.

Post-match interviews cannot be done while coming off the pitch (except the TV representstives broadcasting the game).

Bibs and folding chairs

Photographers and TV representatives are required to wear Club bibs that can be picked up on the ground floor of the stairwell that leads to the media tribune. In return, they should leave the press card that will be given back about 15-30 minutes after the game (depends on the current Press Office’s workload) in the press conference room. 

Using folding chairs by photographers is obligatory, however, the Club doesn’t provide them. 

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