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Birth of Wisła


It is not a coincidence that Footbal in Krakow has started on a Krakow Meadows and Game Park which was created by Dr. Med Henryk Jordan. Up to these days those places are used for a recreation and sport by Citizens of Krakow. At this place on 1906 first official “ Autumn Tournament” took place, which has been organised by Dr. Tadeusz Konczyński. 16 teams from Krakow Junior High School participated in a tournament. Two of them gave a start of our club Wisła Kraków

·  BLUE – pupils of 2nd “Real School” under the leadership of their Captain and Goalkeeper Mr. Józef Szkolnikowski. He has also invented a name Wisła. Mr. Tadeusz Łopuszański has been a guardian of the team.

·  RED – a team with their founder guardian Jenker. They were playing in a red jerseys.

In 1907 two teams merged. Team got a name Wisła, kept red jerseys with two blue stars. Shorts and socks were black. The outfits have been ordered at Berlin company STEINGLA. Pupils and their guardians had to make a money collection to pay for them.

Tutor Jan Weyssenhof recalls: “When we unpacked a parcel from Berlin, we saw something really beautiful – Red jerseys with two five-pointed blue stars, symmetrically plced. We were so happy”

Then they elected Mr. Tadeusz Łopuszański as a first team president. Mr Łopuszański was a math and physics teacher in a 2nd “real school” (later  transformed to IX High School whose patron was Piotr Małachowski).

Members of a first team was also a members of management and got a name Wisła Kraków Footbal Club.

From that time a team emblem was a red shield with a blue star, team name and creation date.


In 1908 The club took the steps to get a terrain for a footbal pitch, because so far, they were playing on the Krakow meadows or at Dr Henryk Jordan’s game and recreation park, where also was their dressing room.

The breaking point of Wisła Kraków existence was a year 1910, when a lot of official documents were signed and a management declared that Wisła Kraków will join UNIAFA – European Union of Amateur Clubs.

In years 1910-1911 some important outfit changes were made. On a red jerseys a white, five-pointed star appeared on a left side, white shorts replaced black ones. Emblem has been changed as well. It was a white star on a red shield with a inscription “ Towarzystwo Sportowe Wisła” and a date 1906.

Finally, after many efforts, Wisła Kraków have recieved a place and a right to build up a pitch with a dressing room and all necessary facilities. On April 6 1914 Wisła Kraków played an opening game against Czarni Lwów and won 3-2.


The start of World War One suspended Wisła’s activity for five years. At this time Józef Piłsudski and his legions were using Wisła’s terrains and facilities. Within the first 8 years Wisła played 123 friendly matches ( 66 wins, 15 draws, 43 loses, goal difference 363-224) and 81 players played for Wisła in total.

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