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Since the 1st of January 2014, Wisła Kraków players have had the possibility of training on daily basis in a modern training base situated on Zdrojowa street in Myślenice. Peace, comfort and optimal training conditions – these are the main advantages of the complex. 


Wisła Kraków Training Centre is located in a touristic area of Myślenice, locally called ‘Zarabie’, which is about 30 km to the south of Cracow. The base forms part of the ‘Sport Myślenice’ complex that consists of a modern sport hall, an artificial football pitch, training halls, tennis courts and a sport shooting range. Also, it is equipped with a restaurant, gym, fitness centre, spa and wellness, and dressing rooms.

‘Zarabie’ owes its name and the unique character to Raba river, which in this stretch still resembles a mountain river with its clear water and rock bottom. An added value of the complex is definitely the location in the middle of a park with walking paths and bike lanes in the region that is often referred to as the ‘Mountains Gate’. Wonderful landscapes of Beskid Makowski and Pogórze Wielickie, natural forests, along with fresh and clean air guarantee ideal conditions for training and resting the whole year.  

Building up the base

On the 24th of June 2013, Wisła Kraków, represented by the President Jacek Bednarz and Ryszard Pilch, the CEO of TELE-FONIKA, the company that back then was the owner of the Club, made an agreement on cooperation with the Municipality and Community of Myślenice. The decision of building a training base, that would be used by the White Star players for the next 20 years, was made due to the understanding between Mayor of Municipality and Community of Myślenice Maciej Ostrowski and the CEO of “Sport Myślenice” – Józef Moskal. ‘Today, June 24th 2013, is a very good day for Wisła Kraków and a particularly special moment. We take our club forward into the 21st century when it comes to the infrastructure’ – said President Jacek Bednarz right after he signed the agreement.

The construction started in July 2013. First of all, it was necessary to flatten the terrain and prepare the construction site. One month later, first walls of the training base on Zdrojowa street were erected and in September almost the whole building was already insulated and roofed. Consecutively, construction works were being carried out on the terrain of the pitches: the soil was rolled and prepared for the phase of laying down the grass. In October, the elevation of the buildings was finished, doors and windows were installed and pitches were separated. The autumn and winter were dedicated to interior finishing: dropped ceiling and air-conditioning installing, tiles laying and walls plastering. In first days of the new year, lorries packed with furniture and staff essential for the training base to work smoothly started to come.

The official opening ceremony, in which municipality representatives and other guests participated, took place on January 15th in the Dalin Myślenice Hall. ‘We already have a modern stadium, but we missed a training base. Today, I can say, and I am totally convinced of it, that Wisła Kraków sport infrastructure is of the highest quality!’ – Jacek Bednarz was satisfied.

The training base consists of… 

What does the new place in Myślenice have to offer? Two full-size pitches illuminated with floodlights, one of them with under-soil heating, and another one with artificial turf – Duraspine Ultra 60 – which is unique in Poland.

To assure that the lawn is the first class quality, next to the pitches there is a special area with additional grass surface. If it is necessary, the devastated one can be easily and quickly replaced. 

The complex, that occupies 1,000 square meters, includes also a modern building with sport facilities: a gym, two dressing rooms, special rooms for the head coach and his assistants, wellness zone, room for pep talks, rehabilitation room, storage, laundry and even a place to wash shoes.


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