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Being aware of the importance of new contacts generating, that translate into future profits, and trying to meet Wisła Kraków sponsors’ and partners’ needs, we decided to create the Business Club. Its mission is to unite actively people concerned with Wisła Kraków and to support them in developing their business. The support embraces, among others, organizing team-building and networking meetings, both at the stadium and outside of it, or handing over access to the special B2B platform. Through these measures, we want to make a positive impact on your business. 

These are additional benefits you get by joining the Business Club:

  • access to the dedicated B2B platform
  • access to the Club partners database
  • possibility of participating in the Club meetings
  • dedicated entrance for the members of the Club on matchdays
  • a double MAX-Fliz VIP Gold season ticket
  • access to events where Wisła Kraków participates as Business Club, including Impact, Gazele Biznesu etc.
  • access to events, including integration meetings etc., organized for the members (additional fee)
  • access to other events organized by the Club
  • possibility of participating in training courses organized for the Business Club. 


You also get additional advertising services:

  • right of using the title ‘Wisła Kraków Business Club Member’
  • right of using the logo of Wisła Kraków Business Club in your communication
  • your company logo in the R22 magazine, in the Business Club column
  • your company logo on the website www.wisla.krakow.pl
  • your company logo on the website of Wisła Kraków Business Club 
  • your company logo in the hall of the VIP area
  • your company logo in the VIP area
  • advertisement in the Stadium TV / Skybox TV or on a large outdoor screen aired during a chosen match, during the term of the agreement  
  • possibility of presenting the company in the VIP area during a chosen match, during the term of the agreement.


Tomasz Czwartkiewicz
Sales Director
+48 724 997 994
Mieszko Łabuz
Sales Manager
Business Club Coordinator
+48 507 196 105




Join the Business Club 1906: www.klubbiznesu1906.pl 

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